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Science Fantasy Books

Original List by Crowd: Science Fantasy Books

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Speculative fiction books that include both elements of science fiction and fantasy. These are usually those hard-to-categorize books that could be ei... more

Criteria: science ficiton books that include fantasy elements or vice versa

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By: Anonymous
2015-04-25 04:36:43

Empire of the East should easily be in the top 5 of this list. It is the definitive SF/Fantasy book. Fred Saberhagen is such an under-rated author. If you havent read this one, search it out and enjoy it!

By: Anonymous
2014-11-02 02:05:16

Many in this list have not a whit of science, like Tolkien's books. Loved them, but no science.

By: Anonymous
2014-09-23 03:00:07

Terry Brooks is amazing and he is not on this list. This is why I can't go by your list.

By: Anonymous
2014-03-02 12:38:55

Where is Terry Brooks on this list? True master of his craft.

By: Anonymous
2013-12-04 01:18:45

Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy