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A Dagger And The Coin

by Daniel Abraham

3 avg rating
Book 37 of 168 in the Best Epic Fantasy Books
139 votes 4 comments
The great war cannot be stopped.

The tyrant Geder Palliako begins a conquest aimed at bringing peace to the world, though his resources are stretched too thin. When things go poorly, he finds a convenient target among the thirteen races and sparks a genocide.

Clara Kalliam, freed by having fallen from grace, remakes herself as a "loyal traitor" and starts building an underground resistance movement that seeks to undermine Geder through those closest to him.

Cithrin bel Sarcour is apprenticing in a city that's taken over by Antea, and uses her status as Geder's one-time lover to cover up an underground railroad smuggling refugees to safety.

And Marcus Wester and Master Kit race against time and Geder Palliako's soldiers in an attempt to awaken a force that could change the fate of the world.

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Anonymous | 2013-02-09 12:20:03
this is surprisingly good.
Anonymous | 2013-06-21 07:01:37
Gave the series a shot but quit somewhere in book 2. Just didn't like it. Not a single POV out there that I really liked. And then there's the thing about the "empire" going to war. It was supposed to be the greatest human empire and how many soldiers did it marshall? 6000 iirc.
Anonymous | 2013-09-04 09:27:23
Really??? This series should not be anywhere near the top.
Anonymous | 2013-10-23 08:50:00
I thought it was good enough to buy the next book but we will see after that.the book is rated way way to high on the list. Not-sure why the person making the list thought it was so great. I think maybe he needs to rethink this one. I didn't care for pretty much most of the characters.
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