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The Dark Is Rising


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  • Author: Susan Cooper
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    Reviews/Comments On The Dark Is Rising

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    By: Anonymous
    2013-04-03 09:19:52

    As a child, this was my favorite fantasy series (except for LOTR and the Hobbit). I am still amazed that more people do not know more about it!

    I do admit I tried to reread it as an adult not too long ago and it didn't quite capture the magic again. But I would still rank it above the Harry Potter series. It is far better written (yes I did like Harry Potter).

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    By: Anonymous
    2013-05-23 04:21:02

    My friends and I discover this series in college and devoured it. When we had a chance to go to Great Britain a few years later, we planned our trip around these books. Mevagissey (in Cornwall) is Trewissick (sp.?)--we even managed to get swept up in a parade where they danced the Floral Dance from Greenwitch. We ended our trip in Wales, in Dolgellau at the base of Cader Idris. We tried to climb it, but the Grey King foiled us and the mist became too thick to continue.
    I guess all that was to say it was and is a superb series. I'll be having my daughter read it in a few years :)

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    By: Anonymous
    2013-07-12 11:18:02

    My first fantasy series read when I was eleven, and it's still absolutely beautiful. Read to my son when he was eleven and Will's age. Shame they made a film "based" on it. Good introduction to Celtic Mythology.

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