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Anonymous | 2013-03-03 04:55:39
Peter V. Brett has a few crucial flaws in his narrative style. The dominant of which being the time jumps and long flashbacks he puts in during his books where the characters have changed so drastically that the reader has to be reintroduced to them mid-story.
Anonymous | 2014-06-02 07:15:14
Peter V. Brett is up there with all the high fantasy great writers.. Like Brandon Sanderson he takes us to that place that I and other readers have yearned for all these years.. And nails it!.. Best three book of my life..
Scott B. | 2014-08-03 03:40:10
In my opinion one of these out there. I would rate Sanderson 1 Brent Weeks 2 Brett 3 Patrick Rothfus 4 right now of living fantasy authors.
Anonymous | 2015-03-16 05:58:53
I enjoyed this book until the ridiculous ending where a central character suddenly acts in a way that is completely ridiculous, unrealistic and not in keeping with everything we have learned about her to that point. That turned me off so much I didn't bother to read the next book. Apparently I dodged a bullet there!
We are all brothers in the night | 2015-09-06 07:19:47
I have read the Warded Man and its sequel the Desert Spear and I must say I agree with the site's author that the first book is excellent. That said, I completely disagree with his point that the sequel fails to continue the excellent quality of the first book. Characterization? Both books do a masterful job of creating deeply fleshed out characters with understandable and relateable motivations. I have to say that I fount the first two books in this series infinitely satisfying and simply cannot understand how the site's creator can possible dislike the sequel. I am eagerly looking forward to getting into The Daylight War and then The Skull Throne. I like the main cast of characters so much that they have become dear friends in the library of my mind. If you like fantasy with many genuinely "good" characters, with noble hearts, willing to sacrifice for the good of others, look no further than this amazing series. Honest word.
Anonymous | 2015-09-17 07:43:31
Brett took an awesome premise (glimmer of hope in a demon-blighted world) and proceeded to bugger it up. To wit: Unrealistic characters (like the 15-year-old farm girl who is as tough, strong and capable as any male war veteran despite having no military training whatsoever, or the big, tough, dumb guy who is a great fighter and is made a general despite having no military training whatsoever); The hero and the protagonist both evolve into immortal beings with unbelievable superpowers; Herbal blood type matching and pregnancy tests are a thing; Combat repeatedly described as, "[Type of demon] flexed his muscles and [name of character] flew backward." Ugh; POV character shrugs off being pack-raped within a day or two; All the characters become insane parodies. The first half of the first book is quite good, but the second and third are piles of crap.
Anonymous | 2015-11-22 06:56:36
The first book is really good. The second and third books are really heavy into weird rape scenes that just really threw me off. Really, really creepy.
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