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The Witcher


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Reviews/Comments On The Witcher

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By: Anonymous
2015-02-13 10:52:03

One of my favourite Fantasy series! The short stories are especially good as are the videogames.

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RE: Best Fantasy Books
By: M
2015-02-25 09:10:44

The best series ever! Sapkowski will challenge your mind to put the plot back together when you see it though different eyes, he will make you laugh when from pompous monologues he commes to vulgarisms and rude gestures. But judge for yourself and do it after you read all 7 books. I promise, you will not be bored!

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RE: Best Fantasy Books
By: Martin
2016-04-02 03:00:23

Sapkowski is one of the most talented writers ever. Witcher short stories (last wish and sword of destiny) are good but in my opinion only as extension to the actual 5 pieces long story starting with Blood of elves. Read the first chapter of blood of elves and decide for yourself. I found there humor, complicated plot, many vantage points, masterful scenes of combat, a bit of blood, a little bit of love story, a lot of companionship and friendship, destiny.

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