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Tigana is the magical story of a beleaguered land struggling to be free. It is the tale of a people so cursed by the black sorcery of a cruel despotic king that even the name of their once-beautiful homeland cannot be spoken or remembered.


  • Author: guy gavriel kay
  • Publish Date: 1999-12-01
  • Book Awards

    Nominated for 2 (2 unique awards)
  • 1 Locus Fantasy
  • 1 World Fantasy Awards

  • Book Award Years
    1991 Locus Fantasy Nominated: Tigana
    1991 World Fantasy Award Nominated: Tigana

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    By: Anonymous
    2013-10-23 09:10:23

    What part of Epic fantasies did you not get. Shouldn't be on this list.

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    RE: Great Fantasy Books
    By: Anonymous
    2016-07-23 08:25:25

    It's just great 'Fantasy Books' ...which raisess different questions, like the presence of the hopelessly generic and Michael-Moorcock-ripped off (entire 'b' plot) Magician on this list. It's a glorified D

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